Halion 4 doesn't see Factory Content

I just installed Halion 4 on my new computer. I had just moved the factory content over from the old drive so I didn’t install that from the DVD along with the program. However, now when I open Halion, there is no factory content. Going to import and navigating to the folder, all the .vstsound presets are grayed out. How do I import these back into Halion? On my other computer when I start Halion, everything is already there. Now there’s absolutely nothing.

Edit: I just redid the installation and this time told it to install the content. It installed all the same content as I had before (about 11.2 gb worth of files) but when I open up Halion 4 now, only a few of the programs show up (I think it said 16 of them) whereas there were hundreds before. Why is only a very small percentage showing up using the exact same installation procedure??

Edit again: I tried dragging and dropping one of the .vstsounnd files in question into Halion and it said “Content file(s) not supported an cannot be registered”!! WHAT???