Halion 4 download link


I upgraded my Halion 4 from Halion Sonic about an 2 months ago. I had a PC than and I saved the PC installation file on a CD. Now I have a new Mac Pro and I need a mac installation file but I cannot find the file anywhere on the page.

Can you please help me where can I find a osx installation file for Halion 4.

Thanx in advance.



Hi Aria 7

I think you bettter contact Steinberg, or admin for help on this,

Its clear if you had the disk version you would have the option for mac, or Pc but the download version will only give one.

hope you get through


I tried by I get only an email from the local dealer which can’t help me.

Administrator also ignores me.

And I noticed that also my Hypnotic Dance VST Sound set is not available for download… grrr…

Can anyone please direct me to the global technical email because I can’t find it…



I’m so angry with Steinberg support. They ignore me totally :imp:

If anyone have a Halion 4 trial link please post me because there is dead silence from Steinberg.



It could be you may need to buy the download for Mac, as 83.00 is very good for the full version of H4
it is nearly 300.00 for the box version meaning you will get both mac/Pc on the same disk

downloading Mac/Pc still works out a great deal but realy not sure if you can get both downloads for 83.00 if it turns out you can thats great,

you will need to check it out


Hi @ all,

please send me a PM, I will help you with this problem.

Further details in my PM- reply.

there has got to be a better way. I worry about this type of situation everyday. Steinberg should have download links within your “My Steinberg” account so that you can go back and re-download anything you are registered for. Doesn’t that make sense to do it this way?