Halion 4 error importing fxb's and other questions

I followed the manual’s directions, I think, in importing FXB files that worked with Halion 3. Some give no error message, others I get an error like this:
"Could not import Halion Preset ‘02xxxx.fxb’_Error during import (errorcode 40)

  • Chunk not recognized
  • read error during patch import.

What does it mean? How do I fix it?

Also, after successfully importing an fxb, I can’t get it to show up in the Mediabay window, even after I rescan. But if I drag and drop the original fxb file onto the program table, then I can drag it from there to a program slot. Is it supposed to show up in Mediabay? What am I doing wrong? I also tried this (from the manual):

"To import multiple FXP/FXB files without loading them in HALion, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Import button to the right of the Category Fil- ter and select “Import HALion FXP/FXB Files”.
  2. Navigate to the folder that contains the FXP/FXB file.
  3. Select the file you want to import and click OK. The presets are converted into the HALion 4 format and saved as VST presets in the user preset folder."

Where is the “user preset folder”? Why do they still not show up in Mediabay?

Try and drag and dropping the FXP from Windows Explorer directly onto Halion 4 mediabay. This is what I have done with great success. They FXP should then show up in Halion 4 Mediabay under the Halion 3 Content Library name.

Have fun however if loading the FXP tells you it cannot find the sample. I had this tons of times. If this happens you will be presented with a dialog box asking where the sample is for said loaded program. Point it to the directory where the sample is contained, it should find it, you will then have to highlight the program in question and resave it by clicking on the diskette icon on the toolbar of the program list so that in the future it will remember where the sample location is. If you simply tell it where the sample location is but do not resave it, it won’t remember and you will have to tell Halion 4 the samples location each and every time. It is quite the chore and will take some time if you have lots to convert.

Apparently there are updates to this in the future, I sure hope so.

That’s just it - it doesn’t show up and “Find” doesn’t find it. But I can load it from the program table into a slot.