HALION 4 / HALION-Sonic + FL Studio = (Errors)

I’ve been having so many errors with FL Studio & Steinberg Vst’s like Halion 4 / Halion-Sonic.

Error 1: if i insert a instance of halion 4 in FL studio and then try to insert a instance of any other plugin or a 2nd halion4 i will get this error message "There was an error getting the state of the VST3 plugin “Halion 4” The state wasn’t saved"

Note: i’ve had a issue with Halion Sonic last year where the vst wouldn’t record no sound in FL. i talked to FL staff and they sent out a update of the “Fruity Wrapper” the file that reads the plugins. andit fixed most of my errors except 1 other error.

Error 2: i still become victim to this error just about every other day. when im about to close FL Studio the whole program freezes everytime i have a session open that has halion sonic in it. and i just received my Halion 4 vst today and it does the same exact thing when you try to close a session that has Halion 4 in it.

i wanted to know if these errors are caused by my DAW (FL Studio) ? & are these vst’s even tested in FL Studio before they’re released?
Halion 4 FL 10 error.jpg

This Problem is with halion 5 and 6 too.
After the last update seems to be solved