Halion 4 has no GM mode and Halion Sonic +SE has

I do have a GM device setup and it works in Halion Sonic +SE, but not in Halion 4?
Halion 4 can not act as a GM soundmodule …is this the case?

Update: good news !
note: i use now a demo version for H4( the GM soundmodule is avaible only in H 4.5) …version 4 …later this week i do get Halion4 full
I stumbled on a video what makes all good.
Version 4.5 H4 had a GM mode (software GM (General MIDI) sound module right after product installation) …this by loading A Multi : General Midi multi …than it acts the same as Sonic 1.5.2

Can it be more usefriendly in H4.5 to get acces to the GM soundmodule ?