Halion 4 - Loops stop for no reason

Yes, although if anyone has some tuning tips for win7/64bit, I’d apreciate it…



Just looked at the Comer a calar-Program. Everything seems ok for me.
The only thing that I can guess about is that you mean the samples which are
in normal mode. They just play until you release the key, so you’ll only hear the
attack if you release it quickly. If you want them to play through, hold down the key
or also set the play mode on One-Shot here.

The setting for sample “A36” and “A37” for example is still in normal mode without any loop

I also gotta say that the sample “fuzz final ccalar” is missing. Maybe it has something to do with the


but that’s not the issue.
They do stop in normal mode, while my finger is pressed, and in the one-shot mode. They just…stop playing!!!
This is killing me because I can’t seem to find a cause…
Apart from this my laptop is faster than ever after all the adjustmests i’ve made!
Thanks anyway

Does this also occur when you click in the piano roll
or play them with the laptop-keyboard? Maybe there’s
a problem with your Master-Keyboard.


One last suggestion:

I also tried the other kit and all was well except that
Halion did not find some files. And I did not search for
them afterwards. So, maybe some files like the fuzu final calar
cause the problem cause they are simply too long?

Is the fuzz final calar the whole song that you sliced there?
Copy the kit, delete the sample an try to play the rest.

So far, that’s all I can imagine to be the problem.

Best regards.