HALion 4 now shipping!

After winning plaudits at the Frankfurt Musikmesse for presenting the new HALion 4 VST sampler and sound creation system, Steinberg is now shipping the latest version of its acclaimed virtual instrument.

In its fourth incarnation, HALion has undergone a massive overhaul and shift to an entirely new sampling and sound creation environment. With a cornucopia of creative capabilities, including a top-notch synth section, advanced tools and an inspiring sound library, HALion 4 is a truly universal tool for producers, sound designers musicians alike. The future-proof sample engine and a modular and efficient workflow approach, make HALion 4 an indispensable tool for creative professionals.

HALion 4 is now being shipped to our distributors worldwide* and is also available in the Steinberg Online Shop.

*Availability of HALion 4 at local outlets may vary regionally.

Thank you Matthias! A long wait…(5 years) …finally here. Happy Day!

Can you please explain the process for Halion 3 owners to purchase for $99

a) from distributor

b) online

when you purchase online is it downloadable version or is it still a box/DVD in the mail…perhaps with all of the content it will only be DVD i am not sure.

online there is no option to purchase currently in the steinberg store…

many thanks,

Hello Blackout,

The update from Halion 3 is a boxed version. It depends of the region you are living, but most coutries can order it from our online shop. Others from the local distributor



Update from Halion 2 possible? How much? (Germany)

Any idea when the upgrade from Halion Sonic to Halion 4 will be available in the online store for US customers?

Hi when will you put up the HALion 4 pdf manual. Thanks

Just bought it (upgrade from HALion Sonic).
I think the PDF is in the installer. Not sure though, I will install it this weekend.

Hi, I’m planning to upgrade to Halion 4 from Halion 3, but I also have Cubase 6 with the full version of Halion Sonic on a trial license on its DVDs. Is there any way I can avoid the nearly £9 of carriage for the boxed version of H4 by downloading the Halion Sonic upgrade and using the Halion Sonic DVDs that come with Cubase 6 for the large content libraries?



Please send a link for the manual.

Many Thanks,

Will the boxed upgrade from Halion 3 be available in shops in the UK? If so, will it be available this week please?

Please upload the PDF manual please for the HALion 4.

A long wait…(5 years) …finally here.

From the release of H3? Closer to 7 years.

…just sayin’.

hehe i was more thinking 5 years from when H4 was announced as “coming soon” hehe…



Do you know when the upgrade Halion 3 to Halion 4 will be available in Canada ? and also what would be the best way to clean all the SONIC and Halion 3 stuff from my setup … I know that I can go in the vst folder and delete and also in the plugin setup inside Cubase 6 but maybe you know of a fast and sure way to get everything out.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Where in Canada do you live? You should have long and mcquade locations nearby, I know they are all over Canada. I ordered my copy through them over a month ago for $107 and received it 2 days later.