halion 4 or sonic

hi,does halion 4 include all the features that halionsonic has?
if i bought halion 4 say.what would i not get,that i would have gotten in halionsonic?

Halion 4 has 110% of what Halion Sonic offers and then more. Getting Halion 4 is all you will need, content and feature wise.

so the synth features are in halion 4?
ok.so why would anyone buy halionsonic?

Halion Sonic came out a year before Halion 4 did, so there wasn’t a choice then.

Others may not care for the synth engine and sampling capabilities and simply want a workstation/rompler, in which case they would choose Halion Sonic.

HALion Sonic has less access to engine control and a much easier to use interface.
HALion 4 has more access to the engine and therefor a more complex user interface.

BOTH of them use the same engine, but with a difference in the amount of access to detailed parameters.