Halion 4 Ratings/Mediabay

Hi, im just going trough the new sounds in H4, does anybody know, where the ratings, which i´m making, are stored?
Because I want to buy a new Computer and then want to copy my ratings to the new one.

Thanks for any help,

I don’t have an answer, Mike, I’m afraid, but I would like to know as well, because I went through and rated sounds in Halion Sonic SE, and now that I’ve upgraded to Halion 4 the ratings for the same sounds don’t appear in its Media Bay, which is a pain. I’m looking at making notes from HS SE’s Media Bay and recreating these ratings in H4, which I don’t much fancy!

It seems strange that the implication of this is that the ratings aren’t stored with the sounds, but stored specific to each application that plays them - unless it’s a H4.0 buglet?

Hi billum,

it´s the same on my system. The ratings,which I made in Halion Sonic, don´t appear in Halion 4, and also
not In Mediabay in Cubase 6. I can only hope, that an update will clear all this things, because that´s not good.

Gr, Mike

As far as I have experienced the ratings are stored within the vst preset (the vstpreset).

Hi, thanks for your answer.
But do you know, how to “copy” the ratings from Halion Sonic to Halion 4?

And when the ratings are stored in the vstpreset, why do the ratings not appear in the C6-mediabay(except HalionSonic SE!).


I can’t figure out where the ratings are stored.

Can the moderators tell me, where the ratings of Halion4, HalionSonic etc. are stored?
And can I copy the ratings?

Thanks, Mike

Now I have my new Imac and installed HalionSonic and Halion 4.
All the ratings, that I made on my old system, are not there. Can I copy the ratings from my old computer?

Thanks for any help.

Gr, Mike

Hi all, I still don’t have any answer to solve this question. Anybody with a solution

Thanks, Mike