Halion 4 Sample Notes Sustaining Past Key Release

I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found anything about this…so here goes.

I’ve recently loaded samples from some older Akai CD-ROM iso images I’ve got on my hard drive into Halion 4. The samples load up beautifully and sound great. Many of them are orchestral unlooped samples.

In the past I’ve played these samples through my Roland XV-5080 which would play the sample as long as I held the key down until the sample was finished. If I released the key before the sample was finished the sample would stop wherever it was when I released the key.

I’ve found that when I play these same samples from Halion 4, the samples sustain until they’re over vs. releasing when I take my finger off the keyboard. With a long string sample (say 4-5 seconds) if I tap and release a key I get the full 4-5 seconds vs. just a tap’s worth of the sample.

I’ve looked at the manual and haven’t found anything that really helps.

Do I need to do something specific to the samples after I bring them in to ensure that the sample is responsive to my keyboard playing?


The place to look is the trigger section of the sound editor. Basically, you need to tailor the ADSR envelope to your tastes. When converting between different formats, sometimes such details get lost … it may also be that the source instrument had a different sustain system and the programming of the patch couldn’t have taken into account the fact that years later, the samples would be played by a completely different method.

I’ve had similar things happen with certain Soundfonts, and E-MU Emulator X patches. As long as you can get the basic samples mapped I find you can generally fix things with little effort in H4.