Halion 4 sounds any good?

Hello everyone,
I own Halion3. Great synth, but I have never been impressed with the sounds.
How are the Halion4 sounds? I am looking for hip hop / dance sounds.
Would it be better to look for libraries or other synths?
Of course the upgrade price is much lower than any other synth. But I am looking for very good sounds. Sometimes VSTi just aren’t there, in the same league of hardware I mean.
Would it be better to invest in a small hardware synth?

I am not a keyboard player, I am not really an expert in synths.
Any help appreciated.

if your looking for dance sounds halion 4 has a few that are very good quality but you also have the bonus of being able to buy the extra soundsets like tribalwerks, hypnotic dance and others .
Alchemy by camel audio is fantastic and the audio quality is brilliant .
I own a couple of viruses from the first one to the latest TI 2 and I can fairly say that plugin vsti’s have come a long way and are very good indeed if you have the processor power to be able to handle them .
Anyway there’s a little food for thought .
I love halion 4 btw it’s a great soft sampler :wink:

For some reason I always prefer the sound coming from a hardware synth than a virtual one. Even something small like a Microkorg or a Mininova. But the advantages of Halion4 are many. I already have other vsti, maybe they are just not good enough.
Hard to decide.
Thank you for the advice.

If you have the room then hardware wins hands down , im a gear junkie and having the real McCoy is the way forward , go on treat yourself you know you want to :wink:

Ah, you tempting devil!

I found out that there is a demo of Halion4. Tried it. The VST is absolutely great but the sounds didn’t impress me. Maybe they are just not for me.