Halion 4 upgrade from Absolute VST collection - content.

Ola !

Awhile ago, i bought Absolute VST Collection from Steinberg.
Now i want to buy Halion 4.

I see in the Steinberg shop that i can buy it as an (downloadable) upgrade from Absolute VST Collection.
So thats good.

But here is my question:

The Halion 4 (downloadable) upgrade from Absolute VST Collection (only) requires about 800 MB of harddisk space.
Whereas if you look at the specs and requirements of Halion 4 on the Halion 4 productpage, it states that it comes with around 15 gigs of content.

Can anyone explain this ?
Is the Halion 4 upgrade not a full version of Halion 4 ? (concerning the content that comes with it).

Either you already have most of the content already (Halion 4 content is 90% the same as Halion Sonic), or the 800mb is compressed and its larger once installed. There is no stripped down version of Halion 4, either you have it, or you don’t, so I don’t think you have to worry there about getting a gimped version.

Ok, thank you for this info !