halion 4 with fxpansion wrapper = crash IN PT9

as soon as you try n load halion 4 wrapper in pro tools immediate crash… we need some support for a working halion 4 in pro tools…

this plugin is unusable for me if it won’t work in PT!

Yes here I’v got the same situation. Pro Tools 9.03 crashes imediatly when I trayed to use HALion 4 on it. VST to RTAS adapter cannot do the good job on this. I usualy use Cubase 6 that HALion 4 work perfect for me but on Pro Tools (my second DAW) it crash. I will be happy if something ( Steinberg, Avid or FXpansion) will solve this.

same thing here, hello steinberg, where are you guys at with this one? pro tools and your product do not work, what’s the scoop?

please someone from steinberg say something,like we’re working on a fix or something??/ hello!

Hi @ all,

I am sorry but as you know HALion 4 doesn’t support RTAS or TDM.
Also Steinberg HALion 4 doesn’t support officially the VST to RTAS Wrapper.

If you got issues with this adapter software, please contact the support of FXpansion directly.

Ok so does this also mean that there is no rtas version coming or what? :cry:

Has there ever been a single RTAS-plugin by Steinberg?

Yes, I second and third that. I’d like to see an RTAS version of Halion 4. If someone from Steinberg is watching, they should know that they could ACTUALLY sell MORE copies of Halion 4 if an RTAS version was to be released. They would greatly increase their potential market. It’s a bad move if they ignore 3/4 of a potential market. …just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


The same thing here.I use Pro Tools HD 10 Native a lot and love my Halion 3 wrapped in Pro Tools.I wanted to buy now Halion 4 and see that trial doesn’t work here! So my money will go elsewere this time…Sorry guys…