halion 4

when i load instruments in the slots, they all sound at the same time. for example- if i have strings on slot 1, piano in slot 2 and harmonica in slot 3, they all trigger at the same time. I need to know how to make them sound single.
i use maudio firewire 410 interface and madio keystation 88 es.
please please help.

It seems that he Midi keyboard always uses channel 1 in H4

change the midi out on the keyboard for each Halion instance and follow that same procedure (midi channel) for each Halion instance

You can use HALion 4 as a instrument track( one sound per HALion instance) or as a Vsti instrument in a rack ( multitimbral)
How to use the midi keyboard for this setups differs than.

Hi there,

one instance of the HALion 4 can playback/use up to 64 different Presets and they could be triggered by 64 different Miditracks.

  • Press F11 and load the HALion 4 into an empty slot

  • Now create different Midi- Tracks with different Midi- Channels and connect them to the HALion 4.
    Ports A, B, C and D can each use 16 Midichannels

  • Now you will only have to change the Midi- Channel in your Midi- Keyboard in order to gain access to the current Midi- Track