Halion 5 and HalionSonic 2 upgrade!

Hi Matthias,

I have Halion 5 and HalionSonic 2 I believe both working from the same Halion 5 License or so I’m led to believe as I don’t have a HalionSonic 2 License in my eLicenser.

If I upgrade to Halion 6 from 5, I presume there will be a License Update, how do I go about upgrading HalionSonic 2?



HALion Sonic 3 is included in HALion 6. When you update your H5, HS2 will be updated as well.

Ah I see, so I only need to purchase the Halion 6 upgrade?

Thanks for that, I nearly bought both!

Hopefully not too late, please consider that HALion 6 needs Win 8 or Win 10.
Win 7 isn’t supported anymore !!