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I installed HALion 5 via the downloads here: HALion 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

During installation, it told me that it would save some temporary files which could be deleted after wards. Great, I thought, I’ll do that on my scratch drive. However, after installation I couldn’t find the content where all the samples are, so checked the “temporary” files only to find it installed there. I was not asked during installation were I wanted the content installed.

My question is; what exactly do I need to move, seeing as there’s a whole bunch of stuff?


System; Windows 10 PC, Cubase Pro 11, HALion 5, etc…

It should be OK to delete or stash your installation files elsewhere.

I believe with H5, the installer places the content in:

Depending upon some of your initial installation options (all user access, vs specific user accounts), it might also put some ‘Shortcuts’ or ‘Symbolic Links’ pointing to these vstsound archives in %USERDATA% as well.

If you are using this with newer versions of Cubase/Nuendo (11 or later)/or Dorico 4 or later, HALion content can also be managed with the Steinberg Library Manager. To know if this is installed on your system try checking your system’s start bar and search option. I.E. Click start, and begin typing: stein

Don’t forget that H5 still needs the USB dongle. I’d be careful about installing ‘newer versions of content’ from things like “Steinberg Download Assistant”, as the newest content (Dorico 4 and Halion 12 and later) is intended to work with a newer dongle free Licensing system. In theory everything should be OK as long as your dongle is attached…but if you do run into any trouble mixing and matching older stuff with newer stuff…run that old H5 content installer again.

If you install Sonic 7, that’ll be mixing older and newer stuff. Nothing wrong with giving it a try. Just know if you ever want to roll everything back to Sonic SE 2 or Sonic SE 3, you might need to dig up older installers. I’m thinking the last version of HSSE 3 that can work with both the dongle, or from the new licensing system was version 3.5.10, and you can get it as an isolated installer from here:
Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

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You’re right about the ProgramData\Steinberg\Content, I didn’t see it as these folders are hidden by default in Windows. Many thanks!