Halion 5 development team please read. Halion 5 crash

Guillermo said I should post here as the developers of Halion will read this.

Please, please, please, fix Halion 5 to work in Bitwig Studio.
Halion Sonic works but Halion 5 crashes as soon as the GUI opens every single time.
Only vst2 works with Bitwig so could you guys work on getting this to run in Bitwig for
the next update?
Halion Sonic, Pad Shop and Retrologue work (although you can’t access the presets for the last 2 synths) so I can’t imagine it would be time consuming to solve this. Really hope someone from the development team responds as the only sampler worth sampling into is Halion but I can’t use it in Bitwig :frowning:

2 weeks today since I got an email acknowledgement about this issue from steinberg support, still no actual reply from steinberg though. Is 2 weeks what one should expect from steinberg support or is there a good reason other than I’m being ignored because I’m using another daw? Just asking, I’m mean 2 weeks? :frowning:

I AM a Cubase user, but my last Halion support request needed more than 2 months (!) to get a response from a Steinberg assistant. Even then I was told that my crash dump report has not yet been analyzed.

I thought that Halion is a premium product. But unfortunately it seems that Halion doesn’t get the highest attention from Steinberg - maybe because there are too few Halion users. For example there was a serious delay FX bug in Halion 5.0, that made it impossible to render Halion projects. Only 1,5 years later (!!!) they released the bug fix…

Not good at all :cry:

Just spoke to Dom at Bitwig who said they’re still waiting for a test version of Halion 5 from Steinberg since last year :open_mouth: Come on Steinberg