Halion 5 for Live use

I am trying to make a decision regarding my live performance rig. I am currently using a Kurzweil PC3 and Korg Microstation. I want to expand my sound set. I’ve been considering going with a Roland Integra. I do not want another keyboard and a rack format would work, that and the library on the Integra is vast. I know the Integra is a rompler. Even with Halion 5 I really do not bring in my own samples and sounds.

I was almost ready to pull a trigger on the Interga, for the $1600-2000 I would spend on the Integra I am considering the alternative of using softsynths and a laptop. That money could buy a very powerful wintel laptop. I already have a number of high quality audio interfaces.

I would like to hear from Halion Users that use the application for live use. How has it been from a reliability, programming, flexibility, latency perspective, etc… How do manage songs and sets. Do you do mapping from inside Halion or do you do it from the keyboard control. Any suggestions would help, thank you,

I will go with HALion Sonic more than HALion if you don’t need your own sample & need just the libraries

Already have Halion 5 more interested in people’s experience with live use.