Halion 5 Freezing on searching samples

Hi, i have encountered a problem that has made Halion 5 unuseable for me. When using in other hosts other than Cubase, in this case Logic (but it happens in other au hosts as well), Halion never gets past the ‘searching samples’ page. There is a feature that ‘defaults’ to a path that looks something like “$project folder” which is meant to look in Cubase’s audio files folder first for samples. The manual states that this feature is incompatible with other hosts (obviously). Fine, but how do I turn this feature off, because it is freezing Logic and other hosts and the only way for me to open sessions that had Halion on them originally is to literally drag Halion out of my plugin folder and just not use it. Other than obviously being a waste of time and money at this point, I can’t even get back to my tracks that I did with Halion in them. If anyone knows how to fix this I would be grateful. Thanks.

No one having this issue? Is anyone using Halion with their own samples, or converted from other libraries?


I have the same problem when opening songs .

If Halion does not find the sounds, crashes Halion and the DAW .

The only workaround I’ve found so far is to go into my preference folder and delete all Halion pref files. Then Halion doesn’t default to “$project” as it’s sample path. For some reason however, over time this path re-appears, causing the crashes to happen again. I haven’t taken the time to delete the pref files one by one to see exactly which one actually resets it, but what this means is I have to rebuild Halion’s mediabay every time. In my busy schedule, it basically means I don’t reach for Halion anymore when I’m in Logic. I’d love to get this fixed because Halion can do things that my other tools cannot.

Yes, using the stand alone, when I loaded a Halion Patch of which the samples were moved, Halion crashed on the search page, several times

Has anyone heard from Steiny on this? I put in a support request but no word yet.
Thanks everyone for adding to the thread, at least I know i’m not alone in this.

Hello All, I’m just getting time to finally approach my many years collection of projects and am now having this problem, Where halion projects (seemingly ones that have been moved) when loaded will hang with the spinning wheel trying to find missing samples. This happens in cubase and standalone mode. Did anyone here find a solution ?


Mac 10.11.6 , Cabuase 8.5, Halion 5

Have the same.in all DAW, and standalone version exept Cubase 10.Latest LCC, Cubase 10 and it just freeze, when i try to open program with missing samples.No chance to show Halion, where samples should be found.Any solution Steinberg ?