HALion 5 full installation kit?

Hi, somebody knows where can i get the full downloadable installation kit (not update) of HALion 5? On the steinberg website it’s only the update available for download…
I have upgraded from HALion 4 to 5 but i need to reinstal after fresh OSX installation and i don’t have HALion 4.x installation DVD…

In MySteinberg account is no email or contact info for support. In My Support section it’s just a forwarded link to Distributors. I will really appreciate for help. I have the license for HALion 5 but no installation files… :cry:

Cubase Pro 8, 64 bit.
iMac 27 mid 2012
Mac OS 10.9.2 Maverick
MOTU 828x

Having same problem but for windows7

You can install the trail version.


Meanwhile send Steinberg support a message, they will provide you with a download link (maybee the trail link even :laughing: )

Thanks, yes i know about the trial, but there is a note where it says that after we purchase the full vrs we need to uninstall the trial and instal full vrs… so i guess the trial it’s not working as full version.

Yes that’s true if you install halion with a trail license, you have an official license so it should work, I think I’ve done this with halion4, don’t recall it exactly anymore.


Send your request to that email address.

It may take a couple of business days but they’ll send you 2 links to download the Iso files.