halion 5 has just appeared

check out the halion range it looks like halion 5 is on the way :wink: :wink:

And how does that relate to “Post questions and find answers on our latest Cubase releases here”…?

I knew you would pop your head in to say hello . :wink:
Hello back thinkingcap ,it doesn’t really I just got really excited and thought I would share the good news with the whole world !!! :wink:

And thank you for securing the thread ,now only a mod can delete it :smiley:

rofl… no 7.06, no presence in the forums for almost 4 weeks now. :smiley:

And I was just about to order H4 because of a great upgrade price
from Halion Sonic. ($99.00 USD)

Guess I’ll wait.

Exactly beerbong. I knew something was going on because of the awfully quite Steinberg team, in the dead middle of the summer. Rather unusual.

I’m thinking to myself, something’s going down, not sure what, but something.

[u]Introducing HALion Sonic 2 & HALion 5[/u]

[u]Introducing B-Box[/u]

[u]Rest of the Playlist![/u] :nerd:

already bought , already downloaded ,already installed and it’s looking gut :wink:

one thinks you will iike beatbox its pretty funky

Impressive. A lot of time and energy went into this, I hope the world is ready for an improved step back in time.

I’m very curious how much processor the various synths will need and also how they interact with C6.5. The import feature via drag and drop is very cool, but again, not seen a working example in C6.5.

I hope we are going to get cubase 7.5 now

No demo around atm?