halion 5 import error

Dumb Q: importing vstsound and hsb files … how?

import .vstsound shows nothing, trying to import a 64bit .hsb gives tghis error:
halion 5 HSB import error.jpg

Where does the Studio_Content.hsb file some from?

I searched my drive and couldn’t find it.

guess from halion one …

I think you might have a compatibility issue here.

Normally doing a right click on the file in Halion browser and selecting import is good enough. Even dragging and dropping an hsb or vstsound from Explorer/Finder to Halion should do the trick.

At the top of the Halion MediaBay to the right is a small down arrow icon with 2 import options. The top one is specifically for hsb and vstsound. Have you tried that?

If none of these work the hsb container content is either incompatible, or it’s looking for an older cubase license to register the sounds and not finding it.

Yep VSTsound seems to be imported, like FCP_SMT_075_HS_GM_01.vstsound, but no hsb’s. I have all licenses for Cubase from SX1 way back, but does halion one has a separate license? Thought Halion 5 contains all older sounds as well. I noticed Halion One and HSB files were included with Cubase 6.5. F

If it came with Cubase 6 then it could still be HalionOne SE content which is a different story. If I remember correctly HalionOne SE was included even when Halion Sonic SE was introduced so users can still access older sounds on legacy projects.

(Just dug out my old Cubase 6 disk and confirmed this.)

The fact that some Halion Sonic SE sounds can be opened in Halion 5, but not edited, is why I’m thinking of the license. These hsb files might be locked or just plain incompatible.

I tried registering that exact same file now and got the same message.

Just found this page

Or just the download links

For Mac

or PC

Thanks, it’s a confusing complex thang, that Halion 5 for a newbie to it etc. Been trying to use HS2 as GM VST, also almost impossible. Guess i am not going for 6 for now … F

How do you mean use HS2 as a GM VST?

Actually GM2 type VST plugin to use like Hypersonic, Hyper Canvas ,

On the options under Global there is a Program Change setting that can be set to GM mode.

HS2 will then respond to program change messages. Only catch is you have to then setup which sound responds to which program number manually via the HS2 media bay.

Doing that is a bit of a lengthy explanation, you might have to check the manual for that one.