Halion 5 loaded inst to carry forward to new computer


Simply put, I have Halion in the VST Instrument Rack, configured with a bunch of instruments, and various MIDI tracks pointing to it. It’s been working fine.

However, when I copy the project a different computer (my tracking PC, with all Steinberg also loaded on it), when starting the project, Halion comes up empty.

This is the 1st time, I’m dealing with this and a bit stuck. I’ve got 2 PCs, one is my main mixing PC, and the other is my tracking PC hooked up to my Presonus.

I’m used to setting up some basic project parameters on my mixing PC, and then via removable drive, moving the project over to my tracking PC.

This time, I’ve set up Halion with a bunch of MIDI tracks on my main mixing PC, but when I copied the project to my Tracking PC, Halion is empty.

Is there any easy way for me to have Halion start up the same on my other machine? Or do I have to manually copy things over.



Sorted it out myself. 2 issues at play. One, somehow, when I did the big download from the SB site, and then decompressed, it didn’t copy over the full install. Tons of content missing.

And also it looks like I somehow installed Cubase to a single user, rather than to all.

I’ve got it working now.