Halion 5 - Missing files error with some patches

Hi all,

My first post.

I downloaded the Halion 5 trial - worked great.

I purchased it, entered the license - all good.

then i downloaded the HSO trial, installed it -

that’s when things went horribly wrong.

i lost all my instruments in Halion 5.

in typical over-reaction mode, i uninstalled EVERYTHING, downloaded The HALion 5.1.10 Full Version - 5 parts
and installed it again.

everything seemed normal, except with a few patches that give me an error MISSING FILE.

this is happening with several patches, not all - but enough to ask about it here.

i did some searches, found some convoluted “solutions”, but thought i’d check here first.

love Halio 5! just want it to work without a hitch.


there was a LITTLE snag during the install - i forgot to mention.

not sure if it was during the Halion or Sonic portion.

after Halion 5 installed, i ran the Sonic install.

but still MISSING FILE error.

i may try uninstalling again and run the TRIAL installation… at least as a test.


from a google search, i read installing from the ISO for Halion 5 will solve this issue.

i have submitted a support ticket requesting a download link to the ISO.

we shall see.


i THINK i figured it out.

i had to manually install additional content.

some of it said Halion 4 during install.

so far so good.

i found links to the ISO files, but i still needed to use the UPDATE files to get the additional
VST Sound Files.

not too bad of an issue.

really fantastic program - excited to dig in!!!