Halion 5: Missing Sound Archive


I’m running Cubase 7 and Halion 5 on Windows 7 Ultimate. I haven’t used either cubase or halion for a while (been playing more live bass or taking a break from music). Now that I’m tinkering with HALion5 again, I’m finding that a lot of the instruments from Media Bay have missing samples, and result in a file find dialog that says “missing sound archive”. I’ve tried searching in all locations where Steinberg stores files, and I’ve even clicked the rescan disk button, still to no avail. I should mention that I have a standalone download version of Halion5 for Windows, and I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling several times. Any ideas?


Search for .vstsound

Copy the files to the location of the working ones. Or make shortcuts in that folder to the files.