Halion 5 performance issues

Hello, I made 47- instruments multi from HSO samples, when I play (only) 13-track arrange, Halion makes dropouts. I send photos of my setup and performance metering direct from Halion.

Can somebody explain me, how is it possible ? Or maybe some tips to better options setting ?


(My hardware : AMD Phenom X6, 12 GB RAM …)

what we can not see is the indiviual core usage, but i guess there is too much drain on some cores, and not on others. this is logical based on your jpgs since your total cpu is not used.

this is a multiple channel setup on very few vsti s
imho you need to take the core handling of halion 5 into account here.
in halion you can define how much cores you want to assign to the session. (options)
assign 6 cores to halion.
this should give you more resources for halion.
this however can interfere with other vstis that you are using

another option is to not assign cores in halion, but spread the setup over multiple instances of halion.
in that case cubase will take over the core handling and spread it over the instances so that core usage is optimized by cubase.

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Hello, thanks for Your reply.

I send snapshot of my core usage.

The variant with Halion 6core setting i tried with the same issues.

Maybe multiple instances of Halion is good idea … I´ll try it.


core 8 looks like the problem. you have plenty of headroom on the processor though.
spreading things over multiple instances will give a better overall performance.
best thing to understand how it works is to add one halion instance at the time, and see how it changes things on the core front in the task manager.

a last resort can be vienna ensemble pro. not cheap,
but that kind of problems are gone forever.

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Thank You for reply.

Do You mean core 6 :slight_smile:

I understand, I will try multiple instances of Halion, I will write result.



So, I tested all possible combinations …

I have divided my HSO setup to 4 instances of Halion (Strings, Woods, Brass, Perc)

Sonically same result, dropouts on long notes of strings.

I send some photos of performance metering in different situations.

In my arrange plays 11 track of strings, 2 tracks of Woods, 1 track od brass and 2 tracks of Perc.

I tested different number of cores in Halion options, by “OFF” is ASIO meter overloaded, by 2-6 cores are results very similar.

Any ideas, Steinberg ? In this state is HSO + Award winning Halion unusable for me …

more photos …

I send photo of my Arrange, very simply …

I’ve also had Halion 5 performance issues when working in a loop.
In a simple test case, I have 7 MIDI tracks, each to a sepaarte sound in one Halion instance.
Some instruments are playing all the time, others coming in and out.
I loop around 40 bars using the locators and play in a cycle, watching the VST meter.
Initially peak is showing about 20%, average is a few percent, on the first cycle.
I let it go for twenty or thirty cycles and the peak slowly creeps up until it is at 100%.
Some kind of memory or resource leak?

Halion 5-x64, Win7-x64, Apollo interface, Cubase 7.5.30.

I think I’ve worked the cause at this end. Looks like a problem with teh Yamaha USB MIDI driver when more than 1 device is connected. I have an S90 and Motif-Rack-ES connected via USB to the PC, and this problem with Halion and the performance meter going off the scale only appears when I have the Motif device powered up, even though it is not used in the project.

tx for that info!
Can be something too look into as possible cause on more issues than only this one.

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