Halion 5 Review

Hi Everyone! Just to give you a head’s up that we completed our review/test of Halion 5 which can be found here: http://en.audiofanzine.com/virtual-sampler-sample-player/steinberg/halion-5/editorial/reviews/halion-doing.html it is quite the thesis by synthwalker and we look forward to your comments! :ugeek:

My comment as both a Halion and Kontakt owner. Auron, Trium and Voltage constantly get mentioned in every review and marketing page as synths or synth engines. They are not. They are macro pages that are nothing more than pre-decided configurations of Halions actual engines, filters and fx. Also the article completely focused on library content and skipped over 99% of Halions actual capabilities. Even when mentioning Megatrig and the sample editor, it was glossed over as more a configuration screen for one of the macro pages than actual editors. Although from a 3rd party library standpoint the conclusion was correct, the rest of the conclusion was totally off target and exposes a lack of understanding of the tool more than a problem with Halion. Halions real talent is sound design, not library content.