Halion 5 third party library

Hi all, does anyone know of any third party libraries for Halion 5? I am looking for synths, EDM and Prodigy type stuff.
Any suggestions appreciated

anyone? Does no one use 3rd party samples with Halion? If so does this point to a poor product from Steinberg which is not regarded highly enough to produce for?

Having read the formats Halion can work with I have just ordered an EXS24 sample set and WAV. I will download tonight to see how it goes. I have ordered TI Virus samples. I am hoping the EXS24 will import and automap with nothing else to do, the WAV files will take a little work I believe which will be interesting as I have not used Halion in this way before. I am hoping I am pleasently surprised. I will post results back if there is any interest?

Try these or Google…
Producer Loops
Loop Masters
Platinum Audiolab

No, not at all. It just means that Native Instruments is the market leader in this space. Most businesses who build sample libraries are very small and only have the resources to produce content for a limited set of platforms.

HALion’s an excellent sampler, and the only reason there aren’t a lot of third party libraries for it is because it’s not as popular as Kontakt or Maschine. MOTU MachFive 3 is also an excellent sampler, but hardly anyone other than UVI makes MachFive libraries, for the same reasons.

That is true. But the remaning qustion is why HALion (or UVI for that matter) is not as popular as Kontakt. At least one reason is how the file structure is integrated with the GUI. Kontakt is far better here. Another reason is that installing a new library, or an instrument through the file system of Kontakt, is extremely easy, whereas in HALion it is something you need a bachelor degree in engineering to figure out. The sound of HALion is great, but it sucks in both user friendliness and in friendliness towards any 3. party developer. Kontakt on the other hand has an open philosophy towards 3. party developers. They even offer the developers an authorization system that makes the libraries avialable for the free Kontakt Player. Native Instruments developes a huge variety of instruments for Kontakt. Steinberg just a handfullfor HALion.

If I could go back in time I would never have bought HALion 5 as it, due to cumbersomeness, never gets any use, despite the great sound. But great sounds are avialable elsewhere too and my life is too short messing with HALion.

However HomeGrown Sounds has a couple of sets for HALion. Good luck trying to install them.