Halion 6.1 crashes unexpectedly

I upgraded to Halion 6.1 from Halion Sonic 3.1. Upon launching Halion 6.1 standalone for the first time, it crashes immediately. Halion Sonic 3.1 and Halion Library are performing well. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall several times in accordance with the instructions in the Steinberg knowledge base, but to no avail. In Cubase 9.5, the Halion 6.1 plugin shows up on the blacklist!
I put a ticket, but no response up till now. Anybody suggestions how to proceed?

Platform: Mac OS Version OS 10.13.3, 16 GB RAM
Audio: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, v build 61383
Version of eLicenser Control Center:

I submitted a support ticket 6 weeks ago, asking for support on Halion 6 mysteriously crashing each time after successfully installing it on my Mac.
Not any response since then. This is a rather disappointing experience in view of the announcements by Steinberg about the latest release of Halion.
In the mean time, I upgraded to OS 10.13.4, but no change.

Support ticket # 92570 Any mod or user help would be highly appreciated


I am having the exact same issue with Mac OSX 10.14.1.

I reinstalled it following Steinberg instructions and no luck.

I just found out I have the same problem. It seems to be unsolved.