HALion 6.2.20, HALion Sonic (SE) 3.2.20 Maintenance Update

Dear all,

we have released the latest maintenance updates for HALion 6.2.20 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.2.20.
The update provides improvements and fixes . More details can be found in the version history!
You can download the new version of HALion 6.2.20 and HALion Sonic 3.2.20 via Steinberg Download Assistant.

HALion Sonic SE can be downloaded from our support page:

Version History

The download assistant is non-specific, nor are Steinberg’s Installation Guide or Version History documents. There is no information as to if the library needs updating.

Quite simply: do we need to wait for hours to download & reinstall the 30.29GB the HALion content from v6.2.10 or other V6?


You only need the 6.2.20 download (the one that’s about 880MB) to upgrade an already installed HALion 6.2.10.

I’m looking at my Halion 3 library and see I have about 11G of sounds and IRs stored on my PC (used also with C10, a combined folder). I have downloaded the new Halion Sonic SE version and see there is 29G of downloadable sounds available. What? :open_mouth: Are these for the Halion 6 product only?

When I performed the update, BTW, I believe the Halion update program said (as it finished) that I didn’t need to update my sound library.

What about Halion Sonic 3 (not SE)? It used to be updated automatically with the Halion 6 updates.
But from this title, it appears that only Halion Sonic SE is going to be updated.
Do we need to update it seperatly now?

If you have H6, the H6 update does both.