Halion 6/7 sharing patches & presets

I thank anyone who can offer insights related to the following:

I am looking to upgrade from Halion 6 to Halion 7. My Halion 6 is located in one computer and I access it with Steinberg’s eLIcenser devise. When I upgrade to Halion 7, I would like to make the change to new Steinberg Licensing system. Should I make the change after upgrading to Halion 7, or while I still have Halion 6?
Once i’ve made the move to Halion 7, I am looking to have it installed in 3 separate computers. One computer will be where I program my patches and presets, and the other two I will take out for live performances (one to perform, the other as a back up). In essence I am looking to have all three Halion 7 instruments on their respective computers be exact duplicates of each other. Is it possible to transfer/share the patches and presets among the three? Are their tutorials available for this process?

Thank you for any guidance.


Once you upgrade the Halion 6 licence will stay on eLicenser. Halion 7 is using the new Steinberg licensing.

User presets are stored in your document folder. This is where mediabay looks for user presets.

But you can also export presets to any other location. If you want to move or copy presets that contain samples it’s better to export them together with the preset.

Thank you very much for your reply!
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