Halion 6/Absolute Collection on 2 machines with C12?

I was so excited to get Cubase Pro 12 on my main DAW and now my Surface Pro8. But I realized that I dont think that will apply to the Absolute Collection. Is there a way to do this? or buy a second use license that is not just buying the whole product? Thanks!

Just wait cause all Seinberg product like HALion (7) gonna have the same security/licence system than Cubase 12

Well that would be fantastic, of course, pay for the update and then it will happen. Makes sense, and I’m there. Do you know the time frame around that?

It’s going to cost you 3x as much upgrading everything individually. You’re better off waiting for Absolute 6 itself to release and then upgrading for $99.

It’s also going to be a PITA as a lot of the content that comes in Absolute is tied to the eLicenser license, still. So, you’ll going to get HALion and the HALion Factory Library and nothing else - except what is also included with Cubase Pro 12.

With Halion 7 and Groove Agent 6, maybe the next version of Backbone, the update can raise up to 300 Euros, when the update prices are like from A1/2/3 to the newest version. I’m on 4 at now, because BackBone is useless for me and the decision to use Absolute looks like the wrong one. I’m using GA and Halion for sampling only.
But I’m looking forward to Halion 7 and Groove Agent 6 and of course the update price :wink:

To date, Steinberg’s policy has been that Absolute can only be upgraded to a later version of Absolute - you cannot upgrade some components of the bundle. This may change under Steinberg Licensing, but I think that is unlikely.

If they have to wait for an Absolute 6 upgrade, then that will add 12-18 months to the timeline.

If anyone wants to trade [their] Falcon 2.5 for [my] Absolute 5, though, PM me.

EDIT: UVI has a sale going, so I may go ahead and buy Falcon outright. Will just sell off the Absolute 5.