HaLion 6 amp envelope

s there any way of getting the amp envelope to work in a patch in a zone that uses a wavetable for a sound source?
I have a patch using Elegy which I need to make decay away as I hold the keys down but I can’t see how to. The amp envelope it set fine and I can see the cursor travel through the ADSR to reach zero but the sound keeps playing despite looking like it should fall silent after a few seconds

Is there anything I could try to make this happen, or is it just impossible with wavetable patches?

Elegy is an Anima sound.

You should look on the Anima macro page where it’s user interface is. There you will see the Amp envelope sustain is set fairly high.
Bring it down to zero, and you should be sorted.

It uses the DCASusOffset parameter which allows you to make envelope adjustments without dragging the nodes in the envelope window.
These values are offsets of the node settings.

Aahhhh, thank you. I’ve never used the Macro page and had to “add” one for Anima so I had no idea there was another control that was hidden…

I may be being a bit thick, but I can’t help thinking that’s overly complicated - having a second set of nodes that override the main ones and not making the macro that controls it automatically visible.

Still, good solution, thanks for pointing out how it works.

Thanks AposMus

I don’t suppose you can answer another HaLion query can you?

Using a mono sound “Sync Lead 1” I need to make it true monophonic, so it doesn’t re-trigger the amp envelope when a legato second note is played. I’m sure it must be possible but can’t find it anywhere - Voice Control is set to glide and fingered, which sounds like what I need, but the amp envelope re-triggers for every note, when I’m trying to get it to only re-trigger when a new note is played after a slight gap. (Hope that makes sense!)