Halion 6 and Alesis DM8 drum module

Here’s something that I figured I should ask my fellow Cubasers about:

For a few years I have used my Alesis DM8 drumkit to trigger drums on Halion 5, as well as the current Halion 6. The Alesis module allows me to choose the individual drums for each of the drum pads; as to the cymbals, not so much, since those MIDI parameters are fixed and cannot be be modified. This sometimes results in some uh, “interesting” sounds that emerge from the hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals.
I had attempted to find a drum module that was compatible with all of the Alesis triggers, but then I wondered - is it possible to select the desired drum/cymbal parameters from within Halion 6 to match the fixed parameters of the DM8 module? That would be the ideal workaround if this is possible.
I hope I described this sufficiently enough. Any assistance you can provide will be gratefully appreciated.

Option B would go back to the original idea: is there a fully programmable drum module I could use that is compatible with the Alesis DM8 drum/cymbal pads?

Yes, I am aware that I will eventually need to find a new kit, but if I can get a little more use out of this one for now …


sorry I see this so late, but shouldn’t you just use a Drum Map in cubase for that?!? It’s exactly there for? It translate the midi notes you send, to the notes of the VSTi!

(Btw…, I have the dm8 pro with mesh head conversion and love it, but…, i’m a guitarist lol)


Thanks for the info. And there’s nothing wrong with being a guitarist - I’ve been one for 53 years! However, as a “drummer”, I would only call myself just above competent at best, so every bit of help is always welcome. :slight_smile: