Halion 6 Apple silicon?

Hi, i switched to native apple silicon ( I was using rosetta 2 mode) in my cubase 12 and now Halion 6 (version 6.4.40) doesn´t show.
In the download page i see there is support for Apple silicon. Am i missing something ?

Link to the download page for ( i normally use the Steinberg download assistant ) i was just checking if it was compatible.

It is an error on the download page. HALion Sonic SE 3 got Apple Silicon support in version 3.5, but there was never a HALion 6.5 release.

HALion 7 has Apple Silicon and Steinberg Licensing support.

So this means i have to upgrade Halion 6 to 7 in order to be able to use apple silicon only instruments ? That doesnt make much sense for customers…only for a company that only wants to sell more and more…

All the Steinberg instruments except HALion and HALion Sonic had Apple Silicon support added without a paid update. As HALion and HALion Sonic were about to be updated to a new version, Steinberg chose to add Steinberg Licensing and Apple Silicon support only to version 7.

I can only explain Steinberg’s policies; I am not responsible for them.

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