Halion 6 can't play Verve?

I just installed Absolute 5. I noticed that Halion 6 and Halion Sonic can’t load sounds from Verve, but that Halion Sonic SE can. Does it make sense that there are some sounds that are exclusive to what I thought was the lesser Halion Sonic SE?


Are the presets not showing up? Does restarting your DAW help?

I tried restarting everything including the computer. Verve and a few other items still exclusive to Halion Sonic SE. I did find a note in the Steinberg Download Assistant that seems to suggest that you must use SE for a few items, Verve included. See pic.

I just found this thread:

“Verve” not appearing in Halion 6/Sonic/SE - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I’m not sure, but it sounds like you maybe can only use items that have Steinberg Licensing with the SE version? It’s confusing. It would be nice to have it confirmed that I should not be able to see Verve in Halion 6 and Halion Sonic (non-SE).

That’s an old topic. Verve is compatible with Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3.

If the presets don’t show up at all, please install the latest version of Halion Sonic SE and follow these instructions, but open the folder for your Halion version instead of “HALion Sonic SE_64”:

It’s not that old of a topic. I think the point of the Steinberg employees was that Verve only works with Halion Sonic SE because it is the only program that can work with both licensing systems. Verve only works with Steinberg licensing, and so Halion 6 (which still uses eLicenser) doesn’t work with it. I’ve tried reinstalling, deleting the files you suggest - it makes no difference.
Thanks for trying!

No, you definitely can use Verve in HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3.

I’ve erased all those preferences. I’ve reinstalled all the Halion programs. I’ve reinstalled Verve. Still only see Verve in Halion Sonic SE.

I also have checked, and Verve is shown here in Halion 6.

Since we’ve seen that the content is indeed showing up in Halion 6 for several other people we should conclude that the problem is local to your machine.

It might be prudent to verify that the directory you removed the files from was correct.

The directory is (use the Run dialog (Win+R) and paste)
%appdata%\Steinberg\HALion 6_64\

The files to remove are the same ones as mentioned in the article linked above.

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Yes, I’m quite sure that I did remove (actually renamed) those files in all 3 Halion folders in the "%appdata%\Steinberg" directory. I’m still not seeing Verve in Halion 6 or Halion Sonic (non-SE).

Sorry, don’t mean to be picky, but it’s %appdata%\Steinberg\HALion 6_64\

Yes, I renamed those three files in exactly that directory

USA Support has a chat and phone line, at this point I might avail myself of it.

Thanks for the help, Steve. I’ve just noticed that in addition to Verve, Flux is also missing from Halion 6 and Halion Sonic. I will try giving a call to support probably later today, but it would still be great if anyone else has any suggestions here in the forum.

Ok, so I tried USA support, and they are stumped and escalating the issue. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted out eventually.

If you feel like doing some more troubleshooting, I have a suggestion but this might not appeal to you, as it’s getting geeky, involved and potentially risky. Also, it’s a hunch, and I have essentially zero evidence to back up the hypothesis below.


Rrun chkdsk from an elevated command line, like Windows Terminal or Powershell, just to eliminate file system problems as the culprit.

screen captures here


My hypothetical idea is that Your Halion (Sonic) is reading from the wrong mediabay3.db file- there are many of them actually – one in each of the Steinberg User Settings Data folders for programs that produce sound.

If you can hide-buy-renaming all mediabay3.db files, maybe Halion can be forced to create a new one.

Interesting. I have the same problem. Verve and Flux not showing up in HALion 6 (installed last week) but DO show up in Sonic SE…

Interesting. What’s your OS and its version?

Win 10 Pro 64bit. Software all the newest versions.

I’ve had a little bit of communication with Steinberg. The issue does seem to be licensing based, a side effect of the migration to the new licensing system. It’s not clear to me yet why some have access to Verve & Flux in Halion 6 and others do not. I’m wondering if maybe Verve & Flux were at some time licensed with eLicenser in the past? Maybe that could explain people having different experiences.