"Verve" not appearing in Halion 6/Sonic/SE

As long as Sonic Se is updated verve will show up in Sonic paid version as well. That has been my experience anyhow.

Thanks for chiming in to that point. I appreciate knowing that will work. I prefer to use the non-SE version of Sonic. Cheers!


Can’t find Verve.
I have C12 Pro and the latest Halion Sonic SE installed . I tried with the standard Sonic SE installer as well as the dedicated Verve installer.
As I also have Halion 6 registered, I searched and still no show. Neither in standalone or in plug-in.

Can you see Verve in the Steinberg Library Manager?

no, it doesn’t appear in the Library Manager

Then the installation might have failed. Please try again to download and register Verve with the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Verve is not showing on my Halion Sonic SE 3 either. I have the full version of Cubase 12 pro and I had Cubase pro 11 before.

  • I’ve tried to install Halion and Verse again, not working.
  • Also restarted the Cubase settings folder, not working.

Any idea what it could be?

Thank you

You’ll need HALion Sonic SE 3.5

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Hi Ben.

Sorry, I meant I’ve installed the latest versions of Halion Sonic SE which is the one you’ve pointed. Verve is still not showing there. I’ve tried everything and I can’t make it work.

Could you share a screenshot with “Details” opened in the Steinberg Library Manager to see if the preset archive is available as it should be.

Please also ZIP up the log files from Steinberg Activation Manager and send them via PM to me.

On Windows they can be found here: %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Activation Manager\Logs and on macOS here: ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager/Logs

Here you have the screenshot and now I’m sending you the ZIP to your DM. Thank you!

When I’m openning your profile, it doesn’t appear any “message” or “DM” or “PM” button. I’ve checked in the forum and normally when people open the profile they see a “message button”. I’m new in the forum, maybe could be that I need a certain number of messages or time?

I’m having the same issue - Verve is installed but it doesn’t appear in Halion, Halion Sonic, or Halion Sonic SE for me. I PMd you the Activation Manager logs.

Has anybody found and sent you the logs? I cannot find any logs in the place you described on Windows 10…

I had to download and install the updated Halion Sonic SE through the Steinberg Download Assistant. After doing so Verve showed up for me.

You’re lucky! I have the latest versions, but still no Verve… Think I’ve tried every possible solution.
The strange thing is that everything else works smooth and fast. Just today i downloaded the four free instruments for Halion, and they all showed up instantly. But no Verve…

Hi Ben.

Could you send me a DM please? I can’t find the way to send you a DM, there’s no button or anything to send what you asked. Still no Verve showing in my system.

Thank you!

Try now, I have raised your permissions level on the forum

Sorry for bumping this post, but…

Verve is only showing up in Halion Sonic SE for me after installing Cubase 12 pro and then Absolute 5 on Windows 10. Verve doesn’t show up in Halion 6 or Halion Sonic - is this by design? It’s confusing because others are telling me they can see Verve in Halion 6, but I can’t.

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