Halion 6 Content installation not verifying

I have spent over a week attempting to install Halion 6 Content on a new laptop. Finally, it looks like I may have had an almost uninterrupted (1 failure and restart) run to the Verifying stage (although I have noticed Verifying has been displayed on other occasions where the download was nowhere near completed).

It has been in Verifying status for 2 days now, having been at 26GB of 30GB the last time I looked before Verifying started, so my hope is the 30GB has been downloaded. Changes are being made in the download folder in real time with lots of changes to ARIA2 and ARIA2_Temp files but this is taking an excessively long time and I don’t know what stage I am at.

I don’t really want to stop it as it has taken over a week to get to this stage. Any ideas including identifying how far to go?