HALion 6 content location???

I used the Steinberg Download Assistant and it proceeded to download 14 huge files (13 of them RAR files) and it didn’t prompt me where to download it. It defaulted to This PC\Local Disk C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\HALion 6. I assumed that as I installed it I’d be prompted to those 2 important things, location of my main VST Plugins folder, and the most important thing where do I want my content placed. I was asked neither. I updated eLicenser and successfully got the license working. I happened to be looking in ‘This PC’ with the list of my drives and my C: drive was in bright red. It’s a solid state drive and I was close to being full. I went to where my downloads went and deleted those and it put me back in the blue, but still very high. I needed to move that content. I found the folder, moved it to my secondary drive and assumed when I launch HALion 6 I’d be prompted to the new location but it didn’t. HALion 6 was right there showing a number of 5014 preset/sounds. So, I deleted the content files I moved, emptied the recycle bin and purged my computer of HALion 6 content…NOT!! Somewhere else on my C: drive is another set of content, which explains why I had 3 times the amount of content on my C: drive. Luckily, thanks to Acronis True Image, I can purge my entire C: drive and put it back to my last back up (Jan. 30, 2017) and start all over again. Judging by the amount of data on my C: drive there’s still roughly another 25 GB to account for. But before I go through this all over again, where is that 3rd content hiding? HALion 6 says it’s there, even though I’ve deleted both download and unzipped content. PLEASE HELP!!
Bobby Ryan.

  • 100500!!! It would be nice to have a choice of a location content at the stage of installation. This would help users save time with little in terms of the system drive.

If your operating system - Windows, the content can be found here:
System / user / You name / AppData / Roaming / Steinberg / Content / Halion6 / VST Sound
You can move the content to any location on another drive and create a folder in the above shortcuts to move content. Anyway, it worked with the Halion 5.
But I would like to do this procedure the installer - because then the problems begin when you install the updates, especially if they relate to the content updates or corrections.
Also formal change folder content would help to organize your own library and default to send the newly created working files to a specific location.
Most asked Steinberg to allow the user to choose the place of installation of content already in the installation phase of the program. And it’s a great product, nonetheless!

Thanks Verda Lumo! I completely forgot about the hidden folders, AppData/Roaming/Yada-Yada! I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. I just finished re-installing my C: drive image using True Image so my C: drive is now as it was Jan. 30, 2017. I didn’t think to back up those download files. That took at least a couple of hours. I’m wondering if I find the content where you’re pointing to and move it to my secondary drive, will HALion 6 prompt me to the contents new location. I would think so. It’s getting near midnight here so I’ll find out tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

Bobby Ryan.

Hi - Can I just check whilst I’m still downloading the nearly 30GB?

I do not want the H6 content on my C drive. I want it placed on another internal drive.

Is this not possible?

Initial installation is unfortunately provided only on the system disk. Then, the content can be moved using the Library Manager, or in a way that I have described above.

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Hi- thanks for that. I’m STILL downloading - very slow connection! As I’m yet to install, I didn’t know H6 came with a library manager. OK - that’s good. Is that a separate prog that runs with H6? Or is it embedded?

Am i right in understanding that the content was placed on your C drive three times?

Why would that be?

Do you now have only one instance of the content?

All updates I have installed recently allow locations for program and data to be selected during the installation so I am surprised that Halion can not do this.

Library Manager is included in the installation kit

Nevertheless, this is true in the case of Halion :slight_smile:

Hi fenderchris; Actually 2 times, the 3rd being the 28 GB downloaded files. I was counting how much data was added to my C: drive (SSD) and almost shut me down. I quickly deleted the downloaded files which brought my drive from from bright red to blue as my other drives show. Still very close to saturating my C: drive. I located the content and moved it to my secondary drive and thought that when I run HALion 6 it wouldn’t be able to locate the data and I’d be prompted for it’s new location but I was stunned that H6 knew where I’d moved the content. So I then deleted the content from my drives and I figured it’d be impossible to load content since I purged all content from both drives. I was stunned to launch H6 and see it still located content. It should be impossible unless there is still another content folder on my C: drive. I had no idea what to do at that point so I posted this topic to hopefully find out what’s going on. Shortly after Verda Lumo had a great suggestion, the mystery 2nd copy of the content is located AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion 6\VST Sound. I couldn’t check for it because by that time I used Acronis True Image to set my C: drive back to as it was on Jan. 30, 2017. I’m re-downloading the WinRar files right now and so far I’ve got 7 GB of the 28 GB, I’ve got maybe a couple of hours to go before I can try this out again. Sometime this morning hopefully everything will work out.

Change the location of your default Downloads folder to a separate disk by right clicking on the folder and choosing properties and then the location tab. This is good practice whatever you are downloading as less chance of screwing up your system drive.
You can do the same for other special folders like documents and favourites. I have 2 SSDs one for the system files and the other for special folders along with my standard hard drives of course.
Hope this helps in future.

Steinberg is getting worse and worse.

I have about 10 GB free on my system drive. How can I install Halion 6 now ?

As Peachy said, changing the location of the Downloads folder to another drive will help with the initial download .rar files, but I don’t think it will help with the placement of two copies of the Ha!Ion content (which will probably still be placed on C: drive).

Does anybody know why Steinberg think it necessary to duplicate the content files?

Steinberg ?

There are two issues here, regarding installation with a small system SSD (which I imagine many of us have, with a large data disk).
The Download Assistant isn’t an installer, but just downloads ~28GB of “stuff”. There are two ways to alter where it puts it. The first is, as suggested above, to change the default location of your download folder. The alternative is, on starting the Download Assistant, don’t start the download straight away. If you go into settings first you can alter the download site.
The second issue is the actual installation. From what I understand, the Library Manager can be used to move the content, but only AFTER initial installation on the system drive - is that right? Which may still cause problems with free space for the installation.
I am HOPING that the “Content Junction” trick will still work to get round this. That is:

  • Open Explorer as an ADMINISTRATOR
  • Create a D:\ProgramData\Steinberg folder
  • Go to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg
  • MOVE the Contents folder there to the D:\ProgramData\Steinberg folder
  • Then from C:\ProgramData\Steinberg, at a command prompt (or using a command file),
    run: mklink /j C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content D:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content
    which creates the junction.
    In theory, if the installer still puts the majority of the content into C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content, it should all then actually end up in D:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content.
    Anyone tested this yet & can report if it works?*

EDIT: I should add that I always install Steinberg software specifying “install for all users”. I presume that if you don’t choose this, the content ends up somewhere under C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg, or something like that. I hope this option to install for all users is still available, otherwise my “cunning plan” above is doomed to fail …

*After testing - yes, it appears it does work if there is enough temporary free system disk space for the installation to agree to go ahead.

No that does not work, as the installer checks free space before installing and refuses to install if the 30 GB are not free on the C: drive
This is getting ridicilous. Now I don’t have a working system anymore.

I need a solution ASAP

This has not to do anything with the problem. I have downloaded the stuff on a different PC and have everything on an external drive.

Now I vannot install anything as I can not change the lokation during install and have only avout 15 GB free on C:

Looks encouraging - the installer does still give an option to install for all users; & when chosen, it looks like it’s going to save ~10GB of “HALion 5 content” to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content. (It says HALion 5 content on the installer - no entry for any HALion 6 content - is this a mistake?)
The various other entries don’t add up to as much as 28GB, but that might be because I already have HALion Sonic 2 content installed.
Looks like hope for small system SSDs yet!

P.S. Apologies, I should have stated earlier that this is all on Windows 10.

“No that does not work, as the installer checks free space before installing and refuses to install if the 30 GB are not free on the C: drive.”
Ah - agree that’s a bummer. I moved my C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content folder over to D: just before installing, & as it had a lot of stuff from HALion 5, HALion Sonic 2, & various other Steinberg VSTs, the system drive did just about have 30GB free (thought the installation’s going to the D: junction anyway). Is your real C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content folder definitely empty?
Otherwise I can’t think of much except whether there’s any other program’s data that could be moved to a D: junction before installing (then, if necessary, moving back again after - which is a bit ridiculous but perhaps it’s the only way to do it).

Just to confirm - I’ve just completed installation using the “Content Junction” trick & it does appear to work as far as installation goes. I see HALion 5 is removed, and the installation doesn’t seem to have used any extra space on the system disk at all in the end.
But I can see the problems if the installer won’t crank up if there doesn’t appear to be enough free space.

EDIT: There only appears to be one set of content installed on my machine - none on system disk, one set on D:. (Much of that content is old incidentally - the new vstsound files are just for the new instruments - Eagle, SkyLab, Raven, &c. Though the Eagle vstsound is 7GB!)

I know, as I installed previous libraries that way. The halion installer refuses to install and says that the needed 30GB are not free.