Halion 6: creating your own Virtual Instrument - a walk through video

Hi everyone, I’ve posted a walk through video of a virtual instrument I’ve been working on. It’s based around an old Casio MT65 home keyboard. If you’re new to Halion 6 and interested in creating your own, you might find this useful. There will be a few more videos - but they are taking longer than I thought !
Paddy C


Great tutorial/demonstration. Having the captions built was a good idea. Great ending too :ghost:

That’s fabulous! Love your design choices to mimic the design language of the day!

Very nice. Can’t wait to see the next installments.

Thats great. Thanks for doing this. I hope next tutorials will focus on more in depth to the macropage designer and maybe a bit of scripting too.

Watch this space…:slight_smile: