HAlion 6 Demo

I´ve tried the HAlion 6 for a few days, and I got a demo serial from Steinberg to enter in the e-licenser.
Later on I wanted to remove this from the computer and I did run an uninstall of everything that came with the installation.
The demo license has been removed from e-licenser as well.
I have NOT removed anything manually.

Here are the errors I get when starting up Cubase after the uninstall:

I guess these are for the HAlion Sonic SE? (I did re-install the content for this, but get the same error message anyway)
Seems a bit wierd ey?
I have Cubase PRO 9

I have the same issue, BUMPING THIS!

I’m having the same issues. Did anyone figure out how to resolve it? Thanks.

Still haven´t been able to remove this crap.
There is no use contacting customer support, I (any many others) have been waiting for ages for some help.
The Swedish support just crashed when Emil (I think his name was) quit. That guy was gold!

Sorry to say Steinberg, but having a Norweigan for support to Swedish customers just isn´t the same language.
That´s why its called Norweigan, and not Swedish.


All the listed presets belong to HALion 6. To get rid of the error message you’ll need to delete the corresponding .vstsound-files from the content folder. According to the installation you should find them here:


or here:


If you can’t fix it, please let me know.



Jan, you’ve done it again! I followed your instructions and have been able to remove the error message. Thanks for all your help!