Halion 6 disappeared from Download Assistant

I just updated Cubase to 11…41 and after that Halion6 disappeared from the Download Assistant. How do I get it back in there?

Are you sure? I just checked and HALion 6 is there in the SDA for me.

I can’t see how updating Cubase could possibly be connected.

I am like 95% sure it was there with Groove Agent under My Products before I hit update on Cubase 11. After the update My Products was empty except for Cubase.

I can’t see a reason for it either, but I have red about unexpected random problems that occurs when updating before. I have been reasonably spared until now.,

Oh, I see. You are talking about the “My Products”. Yeah, apparently the SDA is a work in progress. It needs A LOT of work …

I thought you were saying that you could not find it anywhere. Sorry for the misunderstanding.