HALion 6 dongle cannot boot HALion 3

The All-Steinberg trial license works well as an exception.

Halion 6 license doesn’t work with older versions of Halion, even Halion 5.

Don’t know the technical reasons for this but it’s been like this since Halion 6 was released.

Thanks for the confirmation. This made me believe that:

From eLicenser Control Center’s perspective, HALion 1-5 is a product line, and HALion 6 is another; The former only supports USB-eLc, and the latter supports soft-eLc.

BTW: Is the HALion Sonic 2 license okay for running HyperSonic 2?
(same question for HALion Sonic 1 but not HALion Sonic 3 due to the same reason.)

IIRC you can “register” the H3 .hsb files in H6 and get the sounds that way.

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I was testing something “retro” in Cubase SX3 through a VMware-virtualized Windows 7 machine. Cubase SX3 works well in Windows 7 with FL Studio ASIO driver and an USB-eLicenser holding Cubase 10.5 license. Apparently HALion 6 cannot be used in Cubase SX3 for an obvious reason: VST3 support.

Ah! I didn’t know the eLicenser could be “seen” from within a VMWare machine! Good to know.

No, I just thought you wanted the H3 sounds, perhaps to rescue an old project.

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No you can’t use them without a valid license