Halion 6 - download and installation user feedback

So it’s here: Halion 6.
Everything went very smooth here in terms of purchase, very fast email respons and now the download is busy.

  • You’ll get a installer in the first fase that will support the download
  • this thing is very fast in terms of download speed it seems
  • it looks as if the only requierement for the installer is a 64bit system
  • i’m on the WIN10 main machine for the moment, and that is obviously not a problem

I thought it would be usefull to create a topic for feedback on the forum for people who are in the proces of updating.

kind regards,

3,5 hours later and up and running.
This is by far the best installation proces they delivered given the amount of data that had to be installed.
Not a single error on my win10 system en nothing weird has happened.
Everything went just perfect from the beginning to the end.
All in all with extraction taken in to account you do need a big amount of diskspace. (56 Gig install and extract + the actual install itself on the maindrive)

I will try a win 7 install later on the evening and update.

kind regards,

It went very smoothly here also. No errors or problems. Nice job Steinberg!

Indeed download was remarkably quick given the size of the package (some 28gb) although I do have a fast, generally reliable connection. I imagine the evenings to be more challenging given the increase in the volume of traffic online. I’ve burned the rar files onto 2 blu ray DVDs. I will also burn a backup of the unpacked files (the unpacking took ages!) to save time if i ever need to reinstall the program. Windows 10.1 here.