Halion 6 - errors in the installation of some libraries (Skylab and Eagle, maybe others too)

I have a problem with installing Halion 6 (upgrade from Halion4). Libraries are missing.
I installed it two or three times, because without success. Now it is finally, at some point too, the Elicencer has hung the computer.

(I have Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit, Nuendo 7, Wavelab 7 and 9.5 (installed yesterday), Reason 10 - - These programs seem to work without a problem). Elicencer current. But during the installation, Halion blocked the system a bit, as I wrote earlier.

But there are some libraries missing, including Eagle, SKYLAB, I think - I check because I installed today (license, authorization is OK).

What is important - when installing the libraries, a black screen showed the following header: C: \ Windows \ system32 \ robocopy.exe, with the information: “parameter is incorrect …”.
It was probably about a few libraries - because they do not exist
I have a screen shot - exactly four, taken at the time of installation.
Photo in the attachment.

This is a text in Polish (I’m from Poland). That’s why I translate fragments:
“New file …” followed by the file name Skylab … and then follows the message:
"The parameter is incorrect.
Waiting time: 30 seconds … Retrying is underway … "

Then it is redoing - and then I closed this window. And I do not have Skylab files. Same with the Eagle piano. But Raven’s piano is!
That means there is some programming error.

Of course, I installed the upgrade - all that was possible.

Please answer - what should I do?