Halion 6 Feature Request

Hi, First i want to say Merry Xmas and
a Happy New Year to everyone!.

There has been many users
posting questions etc, related to the next upcomming version of Halion, i still
thing there would be place more feature
request for Halion 6, even thought some of
my listed features request below, has allready been posted in Steinberg forum
before, anyway here my Halion 6
feature request!.

Halion 6 feature request.

1: Osc phase modulation
2: Hard sync of 2 osc, but
complety free control of both osc, tuning
etc. ( laser harp sound).

3: Vocoder Synth
4: Physic acoustic modelling synthesis
string, bass simulation ?.

5: wavetable
6: FM synthesis with 4 operators , lost of

7: Script based synth programming (LUA ?)

8: Improved time - stretching algorithm of audio samples

9: Synth drum module, create you own
tr808 like drum sound.

10: Unison mode for each osc, like
in Omnisphere, huge sound!.

11: lots of new partches / sound etc.

Roland D50, waldorf Wave, Roland V synth,
Yamaha best sampled piano sound.

12: improved sound quality of Halion built-in
Osc, many more waveforms to choose from,
like Omnisphere 2!.

Since i allready own Halion 5, i can allways get an upgrade of Halion 6, when it comes
out for half price!.