HALion 6 - Getting Started Videos

Hi all,

we have launched a series of “Getting Started” videos for HALion 6 on our youtube channel:


And here is a series of “Getting Started” videos on the Macro Page Designer:


Please have a look at the videos and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. There will be more videos in the future.

If you have any requests or if you have any questions that you would like to have answered in the videos, please reply to this post.



I have to admit I don’t use Halion that much for sound design because of its complexity.
As there aren’t many tutorials out there, these videos are a definite help.
I would like to learn more about the sample editor, esp chopping and looping, and about the flex phraser.
In any case, keep them coming!
Thank you.

Hi Matthias, is there any way to download (high quality) versions of these?

Hi Matthias,

I would love to see a step by step tutorial on how to actually use MegaTrig. It seems like such a powerful component, but the manual barely just describes the function of the parameters but has zero information on how to actually put them to use. Where do I put the MegaTrig? Do I need one for each layer? How does one set such a thing up, how do I define which layers are affected and which are not - and - given the nature of the topic, don’t stop at just the most basic level. Not having proper documentation for such a powerful tool is so unfortunate, such a waste!
Like, say - if I have a “normal” layer, and a bunch of layers that hold articulations. How do I switch between them if I play Legato? If I use keyswitches? If I hold down the sustain-pedal? What else can I do, that I might not have thought of?
My own experiments have gotten me to the point where, eg. with the Legato thing, it switches the layers allright - but it still plays both layers, where the idea would obviously be that when I play staccato I don’t want to still hear legato at the same time, nor do I want to hear any of the other articulations. It has to be exclusive. On the other hand, if it’s more about synthetic sounds maybe I do want to add the layer to the original sound. There are a ton of possible uses here - and none of them are obvious, and yet there seems to be no information on how to use any of it.

Building an Instrument in HALion 5. MegaTrig is described at about 1:23:30.

Thank you Frog! This looks like an all together great video to watch!

is there anywy to get this nice tutorials in german language ??

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Bonjour, est il possible d’avoir des tutoriels videos en français, pour tous les produits Steinberg ?
Michel Joly


I have attention deficit disorder and can’t focus on long videos

Any like three minute run downs of using wavetables in halion about please

I worked out how to load a preset wavetable
Which is pretty cool
I just wanna know how to load your own custom wavetables now if possible please