HALion 6 / HS3: "The Eagle" pedal script bug

The piano content set “The Eagle” that is included in HALion 6 and HS3 supports the middle (sostenuto) pedal. Nice idea. If you use it the first time, it works correctly (the keys that are pressed while pushing the middle pedal continue to sustain, other keys don’t). If you release the middle pedal, the notes stop sounding. Fine.

BUT, and here is the bug:
If you use the the right (forte) pedal afterwards, hit the same keys as before, and release it, the notes that have been affected by the middle pedal before continue to sustain, although neither the right nor the middle pedal is pressed anymore. The script seems (incorrectly) to assume, that there is a middle pedal function, that continues ‘forever’.


  1. Play some keys. Hold them down.
  2. Press the middle pedal (sostenuto).
  3. Release the keys, hit some other keys.
  4. Release all keys.
  5. Release the middle pedal.
  6. Play a bit. Use the right (forte) pedal.
  7. Release all keys and pedals. Listen: The keys you used in step 1+2 sustain forever.

Thanks for fixing!

Sorry, but I can’t reproduce it here! Neither with HALion 6.4.40 in Cubase 11 nor with HALion Sonic 3.4.40 in Standalone Version 2.7.20. I used a Kawai ES8 and a F301 to create Controller Data 64 (sustain/ forte) and 66 (sostenuto).
Which host and which Eagle preset do you use?
Can you perhaps record a MIDI file with the Standalone version that shows that behaviour?
best regards

Pedale.zip (2.5 MB)

Hi Gerrit,

thank you for having a look. Here you go, a little demo project. First the middle pedal, then the right pedal. After releasing right pedal, the notes from the middle pedal continue to sound forever.

I use a Yamaha P-105 with pedal unit LP-5A, something very common and nothing too special (I think Yamaha sold thousands of them). The P-105 is the successor of the legendary P-95, the pedal unit is the same for both models.

best regards

And here are the MIDI data from the track as list editor screenshot, and a MIDI file to reproduce it in standalone version. CC66 (middle pedal) goes back to value 0 as it should, so there should be no sostenuto anymore.

I use HS3 v3.4.30.148 as a VST3 plugin in Cubase 11.0.30. Audio card is an RME HDSPe, happens with any buffer size / audio latency. Happens in stand alone and with the VST plugin. Standalone version is

BTW, I use preset “Init Eagle”.

pedale_MIDIfile.zip (441 Bytes)

Hi Timo,
thank you for your exemplary bug report and the Cubase project file. Therefore no problem to reproduce it here. It’s now in our Defect-Tracking-System and listed as Bug-ID “ HALLY-8961”.
I hope we can provide a fix for it soon.

Thanks for your report/support and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Gerrit Junge