Halion 6 install, what to download?

Hi all, just got Hailon 6 and am downloading it before I do a complete wipe of my PC (putting in new disk etc)

Do I just need to download the 28GB Hailon 6 file or do I also need to download Hailon Sonic 3?

I presume the Grand 3 that also shows up in their download manager is for a different paid version than the Grands included in Hailon 6 hence I don’t need to download this?

Many thanks

You just need to download Halion 6. Halion Sonic 3 and all of its content is included with the installer.

The Grand 3 is a separate product that’s not covered by your Halion license (only if you own the Absolute 3 collection).
The pianos in Halion use completely different samples and are designed for plug and play. The The Grand 3 pianos have a more detailed sound and two mic positions for more tonal flexibility, but they need some EQing to work in most mixes.

Many many thanks