HALion 6 instruments missing... [solved]

I downloaded the latest HALion 6 and HALion content, but after installation only these instruments appeared?
( All / Flux / HS SE Artist / HS SE Basic / HS SE Hybird / HS SE Pro / TRIP )
Whats happen?

please start the Steinberg Library Manager and check if you can see HALion content (e.g. Anima).
If not, you have to navigate to the folder to where you have downloaded the HALion content and double click one of the vstsound files.
This should automatically open Steinberg Library Manager (if not already opened) and registers/installs the content.

hope this helps

Thank you, double click from HALion Content folder .vstsound do the trick :slight_smile:

Thank you, excellent tip!

I opened the library manager and clicked on one of the files and it did download more files but not “the” files that are still missing.
Any other suggestions?



Chat support gave me the 2 missing files I needed. Saved me from having to download the whole content again.
Thanks Joel!